You Are a Multi-trick Pony, my love!

How to harness your life’s resumé in your favor:

Reconceptualization of the bad.


There is what happened, and there is the story about what happened.

The story can be rewritten

What specific character trait did that adversity generate for you? How do you benefit from it now?

What exposure did you receive that allows you to relate to a specific set of people, now? How can you use that relatability?

Write down ALL of it on one page.


Task your brain to make NEW connections between seemingly unrelated skills, traits, experiences and connections, bits & bobs…

• Jobs
• Fails
• Talents
• Strengths
• Accolades received
• Trainings
• Education
• Specific skills
• Unique experiences
• Feedback received (good or bad)
• Activities you enjoy doing
• What other people say you’re a natural at
• What feels “easy” to you
• Perceived “flaws”
• Your “purpose” or mission
• What you would love to do

Here are some of my favorite stops on the journey

(and how I made ’em into my school of SUPERPOWERS 😄)

I cleaned houses for wealthy people


and took in every detail of how they eat, read, travel, recreate, purchase, think and talk. (first & favorite business but least profitable/scalable…) 

I served them the finest food and drink


(that I could never afford). I learned what makes something quality and valued. (Loved it!) 

Worked at two fast food chains


and learned the beauty of duplicatable business systems. (Loved it!) 

Went door to door selling Avon


building my ability to accept rejection and sell. (Most valuable + transferable life skill) 

That’s my “degree”, by the way 😂

It is all PREPARATION for who you are becoming, Beautiful!


📷 Back to my roots: detailing toilets & expanding my brain on our 6-figure flip💸 (unfiltered 🤣)

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