I want all of you to be wealthy (a life filled with options and the opportunity to spend your days how you want, not as a paycheck slave).


Where you are right now is not where you will end up. Making the decision to commit to the action to produce a different result is Step One.


“Action” is the needle mover in the equation. The types and the frequency.


Let’s do it together!  The beginning is the hardest because you are investing with your belief, your energy, your time and your dollars with no guarantee of payoff. Hard stuff.  Totally worth-it stuff though. I believe I can assist you in offering a path with less dead ends and mis-steps.


With that said, I will be sharing my journey as well. Wins, losses, sucky days etc. However, this page right here will be the financial score card for all to see. What it costs, both in start-up, ongoing expenses and, eventually, the income!



Creative (Business naming, branding):  $3900

Website:  $4200

Domain name & hosting:  $150

Creative Collateral (Business cards, Social media creative, Custom PDF forms):  $700+/-

Copy editing:  $332

Photography: $1265

Legal:  $870

G&A (Bookkeeping, software subscription, endless post-its & pens): $100


TOTAL:  $11,517