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“I feel beautiful, just as I am right now.”

“I am on a journey of continuous discovery of my vast worth, unique gifts, and the best ways to use them in this life.”

“If other people notice or approve, that’s a secondary bonus, but I am focused on being the best me FOR ME, and that feels really satisfying.”
“I discovered this untapped love for fresh vegetables and daily workouts and haven’t looked back since!”

“I have a healthy financial cushion and stream(s) of income that allow me to really decide whether a purchase is “worth it” and meets my goals and values; whether I can “afford” something is a distant memory. I love this feeling of financial ease.”

“All my life, there was this darkness, a void, conflicted, an untapped something or other that I realized one day had shrunk and lost its hold on me. Light. That’s how I feel a lot more of the time now. And if the dark comes, I move through it quicker.”

“When I look around: at my home, in my closet, in my car, on my desk, in my junk drawer, my purse, my brain, the open windows on my phone and desktop – it’s calm and I can find what I need. I don’t have a bunch of shit I’m not using; I am surrounded by a feeling of peace, with things I love that serve me where I am in life.”

“When I’m bored, upset, melancholy or having some un-ease, I love how I now turn to things like journaling, meditating, moving my body, or resting instead of filling the discomfort with social media or shopping or substances or people or thoughts that offer a temporary but unwholesome escape.”


I BELIEVE WITH ALL OF MY BEING THAT YOU HAVE YOUR VERSIONS of the above INSIDE OF YOU ALREADY (and that’s the inspiration behind the name “Already Her”).

This morning over coffee, my sweetie and I had a deep discussion about suffering and pessimism-for-protection presets. Easy breezy morning chit-chat, lol.

We discussed the building a house metaphor. You must thoroughly tamp down the Earth before you can lay down a foundation, then frame up the walls, drywall, paint, tile (<3 tile, tile being the jewelry and parfum of a home remodel), and so on. There is a specific order it must be done in.

When I conceived of this concept to help people live their very best lives (in 2013 – only coming to fruition in 2020, so keep at it, buckaroo – whatever feels like it’s taking an eternity to do!), it was definitely a “how to get rich and create a sustainable, satisfying long-term relationship” focus as those were hard-won wins and I wanted to help other people achieve the same.

Then . . . a few helpings of life were delivered to me and those wins were only moderately helpful in navigating them. I had, at the core, an iffy foundation beneath the walls I’d worked so hard to construct.

A lot of us were raised by humans who were raised by other humans who didn’t have the emotional skillset, intelligence, or training to be raising other humans. And the cycle has continued for millennia.

YOU can fortify your foundation, NOW. It’s not too late.

Side note: We have a historic cottage (rental property) built in 1874 with NO actual foundation, just small boulders shoved here and there as she shifted. She’s still standing strong and throwing a healthy cash flow to us! Fun add: It sold for $250 in 1874. We paid $70,000 in 2014. Zillow lists it for $221,000 now.

PS. I share numbers. I believe it to be educational and let’s face it, life costs money. Let’s master it together.

YOU can train yourself now (I will present many options, how long they’ll take to do, if they cost money – roughly how much and what you’ll get in exchange for your effort). You can parent, partner, friend, work, and live from a full emotional tank, breaking any negative cycles and hopping on an upward spiral of thriving as your legacy. It’s never too late for any of that. We will ALSO talk about mapping out financial freedom, building businesses, how cultivating near full vulnerability leads to multi-decade love affairs with your main squeeze, and other essential life goodies like food, fashion, homes, shopping, sex and more!

Loves, you’ve got this! XO

  • Temple Campana
    Posted at 05:33h, 17 November Reply

    WOW. You’ve got this! So much love for your work, the background and research you have done to build this, Sarah. You go girl!

    • Sarah
      Posted at 03:36h, 25 November Reply

      Thank you!

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