Ready to change your life? Here’s the Jumpstart.

Have you ever struggled to follow through on a shiny new and improved habit or to take action toward a desired goal or life change?

Does the siren call of Netflix and ice cream stall you in your tracks? Or have you used up your daily allotment of willpower by not punching a co-worker or demolishing an entire box of donuts?

You are not alone, sister. Chiseling out new neural pathways that better serve you and spackling over the deeply ingrained existing ones is hard as f*ck.

What would you like to make your new norm? Is it more mindful eating? A robust daily exercise addiction? Or widening the space between a zingy interaction and how you respond? To swap the wine dependence for a green tea passion? Are you OVER feeling underwater financially? Or any other myriad improvements we all want the genie to grant us?

I’ve got two tools for you here.

But first—you can do this.

Many before you have. You have also done other hard things that led to amazingness. Can you pause and revisit those for a moment?

Take Action

My 2-step prescription for whipping my own ass into gear and taking action, hell or high water:

Get crystal-clear intent on what the required specific action you’ll be taking is + new thought + the resultant feeling. Examples below. Post that shit everywhere. Obnoxiously. Fun fact: the number of daily impressions with this newly minted life-focus is directly  proportional to your speed in attaining the desired result. More on that here.

Be accountable in a visual format that makes you want to squirm if you were to break the pattern.

Don’t be a silly overachiever and pick more than one. Pick the ONE item you will be working on. I promise you will have time to do more later. And once you master this process, you can repeat over and over, adding all the luscious wins you want, compounding all these results into a glorious life that you designed and created for yourself. But for now, only ONE at a time. Promise?

Click here to download these two Focus Sheets and drop a comment below on your new crystal-clear intent/ thought + action + resultant feeling so we can cheer you on, hold you accountable, and be vicariously inspired!

For fun, here are some of my past winners that have substantially elevated the quality of my life.

New thought: Cultivate a daily, non-negotiable exercise habit that I crave and love.
Action: I will commit to 20 minutes every day of moving my body – more when the stars align.
Resultant Feeling: In control, honoring, energized, tenacious, balanced and nurturing of my one & only body, proud that I fit into my skinny jeans.

New thought: Clean up my thoughts and develop a healthy curiosity about their origin and value.
Action: Meditate for 20 minutes every day by waking up 30 minutes earlier and using Insight Timer App.
Resultant Feeling: Purposeful, centered and effective with improved daily interactions with other humans and myself.

New thought: Program my subconscious to look for things that serve my goals and values.
Action: Every Sunday after my coffee, I will write down 10 things in a journal that I wish to attract and manifest into my life in the next 12 months.
Resultant Feeling: Empowered, motivated, perseverant, encouraged, focused, powerful and purposeful.

New thought: Ken is my human and his sense of wellbeing and feeling nurtured are important to me and allow us to feel a deeper connection.
Action: I will greet him with a smile and a kiss every morning upon waking and ask him how he’s doing.
Resultant Feeling: Connected, loving, loved, responsive, present, communicative, appreciative, blessed.

New thought: fund my long-term passive income dreams and enable my financial freedom.
Action: I will have $___ auto transferred on the 5th and 20th every month into an internet savings account before I get my hot little hands on it.
Resultant Feeling: Powerful, excited, assured, motivated.

Can’t wait to see you on the other side of this new intention of yours!

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