It’s time: get your financial house in order


“I’m bad with money.”

“It’s all so overwhelming, I don’t know where to start.”

“I’ll never be able to stop working.”

“I have $____ to invest. What would you do?”





Firstly, I am SO honored every time someone shares one of these concerns with me. It takes vulnerability and trust. I do not take that lightly.

But — (like anything, once you are intimate) there is no simple, one-size-fits-all answer.



Whether you have $500, $10,000 or you’re staring down a Million Dollar inheritance (or a $38.90 windfall from the government like mine, lol) the principles are the same, so let’s dive in, shall we?

How to design your financial future {no matter where you are right now}:

       PROTECTION for what you have now and what you add to your fortune has to be first


     Insurance (which kinds and what amount(s) is needs based & beyond the scope of this beginner post)


     Trusts (for you AND your parents as that’ll affect you someday – based on assets and wishes)*


      Emergency fund (EVERYONE needs this. I beg you to do 2 months. Twelve is farrrrrr better, obviously. Store it in a very low risk vessel (savings account). I recommend an internet savings account that takes a day-ish to get your hands on.


     AFTER step 1, identify your GOALS and apply a target date to them (do not beat this to death or go deer in the headlights – pick something and allow permission to change it up as you evolve)

     Short & mid term: buy a house, wedding, travel, college


     Long term: retirement, estate planning


       What is your level of FINANCIAL EDUCATION and EXPERIENCE? They sure af did NOT teach this stuff in school to you or to your parents so this one is on you to learn, my sweet. Decide where you are then add in the podcasts, books, money Instagram accounts, Youtube vids, coaching, mentors, consults with financial planners + attorneys in the areas you are not comfortable and proficient. Tip: Listen to varying views and methodologies…  You’re not captain’ing a rocket here, it’s meant to be learned and executed on. ***


     Beginner. Scared out of my mind/no idea where to start


     Moderate. I understand interest rates and have a retirement plan of some sort started


    Advanced. I like to factor in things like rates of return, PE ratios, leverage, depreciation and inflation into my investing decisions


     What is your RISK THRESHOLD?


      Nil – I will lose sleep if I lose $1. I understand I will have slower growth

      Mid – If it’s for the long haul, I can take more risk

      Max – I can tolerate heavier risks when I understand the factors at play or have some active role in the process


Once you have addressed AND taken action on these four pillars THEN you can start to evaluate investment options.


***Disclaimer: I have done extensive action taking which has resulted in volumes of lessons logged (NOT JUST THEORETICAL study and internet regurgita) in the area of personal finance. I have journied from bankruptcy to 1% and spent some time in all the seats in between.

I DO NOT have a finance degree but have found some extreme differences in the approaches to personal wealth attainment when I meet with said degree’d types…..

If you want to learn firsthand about creating financial independence with tried and true strategies – join my email list! I will go deep while virtually holding your hands throughout…..  

*There is new chatter amidst the current administration that could (adversely) affect the passing down of real property to heirs. If this is a prospect on the horizon, it would be wise to learn about trusts now.


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