It’s OK to Stop Killing Yourself in Order to Do MORE, MORE, MORE (It’s time, loves.)

What if you could be more deliberate, focused, and effective?

We all have the same 24 hours in a day, yet some people achieve mind-blowing results and some just feel stagnant and dissatisfied.


Did those high-achieving people have a guardian angel hovering above and adjusting life’s circumstances, protecting them from trauma and hardship? Maybe they had a healthy support system, nightly tuck-ins, daily multivitamins, and a clean mental health history?

Possibly. But all the variables — good family or abusive family, money or no money, healthy or not healthy, active addiction or sobriety, educated or non-educated, a solid mate or single, a lucrative, gratifying job or unemployed — all the variables span all the socioeconomic statuses.

What is it then?

Can I offer you a radical notion?

HINT: This is fantastic news!

Since these outer factors are things that happen outside ourselves and are seemingly outside of our control, we can release them from being so all f/ing powerful in the roles they play in our own thriving. What if you threw all that stuff on the back burner, relegated them to “bonus material” status, and set out to focus solely on the items that ARE within your control?

You can do this.


Option A:

You could plow through life on the defense, at the whim of whom/whatever in a self- soothing fog, flying high on hope as a strategy.

Option B:

You can take micro actions EVERY. DAY. that not only feel genuinely satisfying but also build a robust foundation to build your dream life upon.

Check your screen time stats on your phone (gasp!) and/or Google the American average.

Let’s call it 4 hours a day on average.

That is two months of a year spent staring at a screen. QUICK: what is your tangible return on that two months’ time investment?

Absolutely no shame!!! I was in the four-and-a-half to six-hours-a-day boat myself, while also wondering why the days flew by and I barely managed to achieve meager tasks, let alone move my life forward in a meaningful way.

Can we call it what it is? Self-sabotage!

Our devices offer us immediate comfort, escape, and a quick dopamine spritzer. We LOVE surprise and novelty (what’s new in my feed?), recognition (likes!), and a never-ending supply of both.

But here’s what they don’t do: manage our lives effectively. Once we become aware of our patterns of how we’re spending our precious time, we’re back in the driver’s seat. We have the power to direct our will toward achieving our deeper goals.

PRO TIP: You have the time.

You can consciously decide to change the activities you fit in to that time.


That is how those super-achievers achieve stuff! They think differently, they DO different things, and they repeat daily. It is simple but not easy. And that’s okay: you can do hard things.

Start where you are.

Don’t go berserk right out of the gate. We can add off-the-wall goodies to the mix once we firm up the foundation.

Most of our best gains, lessons, and feelings of WINNING come on the other side of a shit situation, hardship, or challenge. The goal is not to avoid anything challenging; it is to set yourself up to glean the lesson and weather the storm a bit more healthily and become an improved version of yourself — because of the hardship.

OPERATION: Win your day (and life) and set that gorgeous Future You up for an extraordinary life of vitality, confidence, and OPTIONS. It starts with prioritizing YOU and your self-care.

Let’s build you up organically, sustainably, and reliably (because waiting for or relying on outside happenings is unreliable and unsustainable!). Hamster-wheel territory. Start where you are, right now.



The “that won’t help me/that won’t work/I’ve tried that before” fallacy is a deadly one. If and when you think any of these, say “hi,” then act in spite of it. Try it anyway.

Do what is accessible.

Don’t overthink. ACT instead.

Repeat, repeat, repeat.

Then reassess your overall well-being.


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