How to manifest your dream home or anything you want

Manifesting case study: How I manifested my first dream house!

Dream house pool with dogs and kid playing
Pool float meditation with semi petrified chihuahua on board, priceless

The GETTING and the TELL ME WHAT TO DO RIGHT NOW are the juicy bits, I know, but that is like skipping to curating an epic throw pillow layout on a naked mattress and expecting to have a good nights sleep —

Start with the mattress pad, darling.

Sequence matters.


Identify pain point/trigger/catalyst/problem:


Despise living in the desert but unable to move because I love my family so I am determined to create an oasis in the freaking desert.


Get your desired result gnats-ass specific, CRYSTAL clear, ultra-triggering to you, emotionally vivid and especially personal — nothing vague or platitudinal.  


Ex: “I want a better job” vs. I will find work where I am engaged in tasks that challenge me in the best way where I see concrete results, work with like-minded humans and pays me commensurate with the value I bring

Ex: “I want to be Rich” vs. I am creating five – $5000 a month diverse, inversely correlated income streams that exceed the $20,000 a month pricetag of my ideal life + a $5000/mo cushion as safety net

Ex: “I want to have a great relationship” vs I am growing into a person who can be comfortable being vulnerable, sharing my painful parts, speaking my truth, being myself, accepting who I am AND loving her, giving freely and being truly present. I’d love to meet someone on that same path or inspire my current mate to walk a similar path.


Also: stated in the present, active tense because LOVE, yes, you are in the process of making this happen right now. You are creating, not hoping or waiting for the genie to appear with your granted wish.

I like my declaration to be so ME, so personal and life-like that the person hearing it gets tossed for a loop, maybe a little uncomfortable at my specificity.


Buy a house with water adjacency, lush landscaping + trees, flooded with natural light on a large plot away from other humans.

Backyard oasis perimetered with tall trees to block any desert views

Build it out in your head with rich detail, feeling the facets of it (lots of days – more than you’d think without giving up on the brain movies, that is the trick).

PS/Bonus – this turns the whole thing into an ongoing treat vs. simply the attainment of said thing. SPREADDDDDD out the delightfulness over the whole process.

(My list is long but sharing for illustration purposes!)

Watching the kids splash and play in the pool (joy, memory-making)

Sunrise coffee welcoming the day in my sun-drenched sitting room with my sweetie & pups (connection while caffeinating, optimum day starter)

Home office filled with windows that let the outside in watching the birds, deer, flowers (creativity-inducing, calming, nature adjacent)

Unwinding poolside after a long day of work + frosty beverage (luxurious & vacation-like, affirming)

Privacy – distance from neighbors (safe & retreat-esque)

Change of seasons color show with the trees (serene, stimulating, enjoyable)

Pool parties with our friends! (Fun, connection)

Sunny breakfast nook to enjoy Sunday morning pancakes and weeknight dinners with my family (memories, connection)

Teenage daughters sunbathing and bonding (special + relief bc the kids hang at our house)

Garden “rooms” in the yard with new plants popping up in the different seasons (awe)

Exquisite multi-sensory pool floatie meditations (serene & otherworldly)

Jacuzzi tub to fill with essential oils and bath salts to unwind after a DAY (serenity, peace, self love)

Tricep dips off the side, water aerobics and laps to tone my body (refreshing, not-boring exercise, cross-training)

Family Marco Polo (fun, bonding!)

Splashing around in the pool with my guy (fun, connecting, foreplay ish)

Writing in my journal or planning my day with beverage on a lush patio surrounded by flowers and vines (creativity inducing, life affirming)

Ample garages to house all our stuff AND park the cars (organized, responsible)

Home gym with all the equipment to pamper my body daily (self love, confidence inducer, convenient)

Puppy swims (to die for cuteness)

Wild deer grazing on lawn outside dream office

Frequent wild deer visits outside my home office

We are friends here so I felt comfy sharing this with you to plant a seed that you can attract the things you want using methods that have worked for many others AND totally abusing the way our brains work:

The brain gets good at what it does often. Repetitive thoughts create faster and larger neural pathways (neuroplasticity is the brains ability to change its wiring through different thoughts & movements & actions).

Coming soon: the H*O*W steps, I got ’em for you.

Possibility abounds my sweet and YOU.DESERVE.THEM



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