How I use my trauma

My reality


“They” did me wrong.


They did the best they could at the time,
given chemistry, ancestry, circumstance, neurology & available options.

Grace card for ALL humans.

“That” shouldn’t have happened.


According to whom!?
What if my soul picked that to deliver the lesson and resultant wisdom I have now
to enjoy and apply to my life moving forward and share with everyone I can?

Bonus: should’ing after the fact is a recipe for suffering.


Uncertainty, darkness, chaos and discomfort


feel “normal” and familiar to me.

I seek out circumstances to deliver this.
Via avenues that have potential to catapult me ahead and meet evolved versions of me.
And generate juicy results.
Bring it.

Every emotion is trying to get your attention. To what?
Look there.

Can we stop comparing the caliber of Dark Nights?

You win. Yours is worse. Have it if it helps you (said with love).
Except – comparisons are arbitrary.
The caliber of a Dark Night does not predict your outcomes in life…..

I know women whose pasts would make you feel like yours was a day at Disneyland who are modeling acceptance, thriving, and sharing of lessons BECAUSE of their traumas.

If your traumas are ruling your life, you can get help.

Don’t stop until the intensity wanes.

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