How filing bankruptcy made me wealthy

When I turned 18, I went hog wild with store cards (FREE MONEY!). Then I bought new car after new car, rolling the value deficit into the next one.
Then they started giving me Visa’s. Woohoo.

I’ll call it what it was: a debt “runner” by an absolute dumbass at money.

It was fun.

Till I got myself pregnant, couldn’t work to pay the minimums and had a mental breakdown (say “hi” to all my skeletons).

At 21, I filed Bankruptcy and took that new car back to the dealer for a voluntary repo.

Being unable to get ANY credit, I chose to learn how money actually worked.
I started with Rich Dad Poor Dad then consumed at least 100 books on money and investing.

I followed his recipe and it is what made me millions.

Follow Rich Dad’s recipe (and mine)


1. Start out being Self-employed. What small business with low start up can you start in the next quarter?

2. Take those revenues to fund a larger, more scale-able business that employs leverage of other people’s labor, not just yours.

3. Take those revenues and invest in passive assets that create cash flow.

Real estate was my obsession and favorite asset class (still is).

  • Leverage-able
  • Tax Advantaged
  • Control over asset value
  • Hard asset

I started learning how to invest in real estate by evaluating listings for how they would cash flow.
I had no idea how I would ever get any loan, EVER again.

Turns out if you do something enough times, it gets lodged in your subconscious.
I could spot potential deals then evaluate them real quick.
Still can.

(you can learn this too, today, for free)

If I didn’t hit my financial rock bottom, I would not have been forced to stop that recklessness, learn to be financially literate and build the skill that would make me millions: evaluating real estate for potential income.

I did that with NO MONEY.
NO EXAMPLES (other than what I read in free books from the library)

You can start something today, too.

You don’t need anything other than the desire and willingness to persevere.

Keep at it until you bust through to the next level

that allows you to take next steps.

Most people try to fast forward to someone else’s finish line.

No skipping lines, babe!

Start where you are.

Book a free call today to turn your money sitch around. I’ve been there. Broke. Bankrupt. Government assistance.
You’re in great company!
I can help you.

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