Feel better now: here’s how

COMPLACENCY reset: A “shortcut” to peace and desired results to use RIGHT NOW:

It also:

Amplifies all the other good work and “stuff” happening in your life…

Creates an environment for you to spot clues that support what you want more of…

Acts as an antidote to anxiety, fear, grief, uncertainty…

Harder to be miserable when you are choosing to revel in the teensiest of life’s gifts, all day – every day.

Are you sold yet?

Let’s create or uplevel your daily gratitude practice.

We will spice it up with new angles to be grateful about, broadening the net for “I am grateful for this” material:

A few slants to fold into your traditional “what I’m grateful for list”

“Things we take for granted”:


ex: a good sleep, the kids are ok (today), the world is NOT in anarchy, nutritious food, shoes on our feet, water’s running and toilets are a’ flushing



ex: a mom, daughter, a person who still thrives with mental and physical disability, a lifelong learner, a cheerleader, love-driven, funny, self-aware, open minded, intuitive, loving, resourceful, resilient, a go-to in my circles for _.

“Actions I took or didn’t take”:


ex: I drank water, I didn’t abuse social media, I bit my tongue, I love-texted, I declined the bread basket, I parked farther than I needed to, I unfollowed someone who makes me feel bad

“Micro-impacts I create in my world (and macro!)”:


I brought reusable bags to the store, I bundled my Amazon shipments, I bought a sandwich for the lady on the corner, I model kindness in hopes my kids get the hint, I declined a rebuttal and led with love instead

“Opportunities available to me right now


(whether I’m choosing to take them or not)”: FREE Ivy League classes available online, renting out an extra room or my car on my days off to earn more $, going to a meeting to support myself in quitting that habit, picking up the phone and having the hard conversation – before it’s too late

“What could’ve gone wrong but didn’t”:


I didn’t die when __, I put myself out there and it brought me closer to the people and result I want, I asked for help and they were happy to help me, my child returned safely, that close call on the road that could’ve been worse, I am not in the hospital still

“Obvious and tangible”:


roofs, jobs, clean water, family, food in the cupboards, A/C and a furnace, a car

“New facets on an old favorite”


like: my pillow is the right smush + height, my Hydroflask makes it easy to stay hydrated, the lighting in my office is exquisite, my favorite hiking trail is only 15 minutes away, my houseplants are thriving

“Mini daily treats you’re blessed to have”:


cozy bed, your favorite smell is close by (essential oil, loaf of bread, flowers), access to any information you want at your fingertips for free, coffee, driving your car while blasting your music, 1 text away from any human in the world – and the people you care about most, free music and books from your phone, social media to keep you abreast of what your people are up to

“Things that can NEVER be taken away”:


memories from the trip I took to Florida in 2012, a conversation with a loved one, the opportunity to mother my kids till this age, the experience gleaned from starting 4 companies from scratch, the books I’ve read, movies I’ve watched, meals I ate — anything that brought you joy, value or experience is worthy of gratitude listing!

Sprinkling moments of gratitude awareness acts as an insurance policy against the pervasive negativity onslaught… Consider it a daily scavenger hunt for what IS ok, right, bright, joyous, affirming, feel-good.

DO NOT over complicate this or push it off to ‘future you’ who, in theory, has more time. (She likely does not).

My top 3 tips to add this practice into your daily life — till FOREVER.

Share this piece with a trusted friend.


Create an agreement to share a text gratitude-a-day with each other. More is a bonus but the commitment to a minimum is key. Second bonus: relishing each other’s beautiful observations and delights.

Crack open a fresh notebook and write 3 a day.


This book will become your soft place to fall, your savior in dark times and a brilliant heirloom for your family – for generations to come.

Hitch this “habit”


onto something you do without thinking about it.

Ex: When I brush my teeth, I ask myself to be mindful of something to be grateful for.
When I go pee, I also note a gratitude.
When my head hits the pillow, I select a favorite gratitude for the day.

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